AZLYRICS: Nicki Minaj – Dead Wrong Lyrics

“Dead Wrong”

You be yellin’ boom-boom when you really pum-pum
See, my flow hotter than noon in June, June
If Biggie was alive, he’d sign me
I’m the New Edition, like Bobby and Ronnie
Just give me the beat and a bottle of Dasani
And I don’t need Clyde, I’m a boss; fuck a Bonnie, ya dig?
Religious like the preachers, I came to warn you
Listen bitches, I’m the teacher, go sit in the corner
How many times I gotta spit ’til they know that I’m the bitch?
I’m flyer than a maggot, I’m on some shit
First they love you, then they switch
Yeah, they switch like faggots
That is why I keep the llamas in Gabanna’s fabrics (I’m the shit)
Should be in Pampers, like Markie Biz’s
Give anybody the business, like her’s and his’es
‘Cause my flow tighter than them virgin bitches
You know them asalamalakum, them Persian bitches?
And if you miss me, I’m swervin’ sixes
Goddamn, ain’t even pregnant, but I’m birthin’ bitches
‘Cause I got flavor, like that girl Deelishis
Stop actin’ like you a killer, with all them girly disses, bitches
I ain’t Johnny, but my, my, my-y-y
She want it with me, tell her affi bloodclaat try-y-y
You ain’t thorough, I’m the truth, you a li-i-ie
My whole borough yellin’ out boom, bye by-y-ye
‘Cause when I seen her, she was shakin’ in her boots (Word?)
When Nicki came through, she was throwin’ up the deuce
Slapped her, then I asked her what’s my name, she said N-I-C
The President of the NYC, you dead wrong

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