AZLYRICS: Royce Da 5’9 – Woke Lyrics


Oh yes
This one’s for those of you just ain’t woke yet, ho-tep
You rich but you broke nigga just don’t know yet, ho-tep
These rappers ain’t woke yet, security back ’em, ho-tep
Ho-tep, come to Detroit with that, oh yes, that’s a toe-tag
Mine as well have Mayweather back ya at a black’s match-up, protest
That’s that write-a-check-you-can’t-cash, I might have to collect
That’s that yo ass is bleeding, that’s that kotex
I massacre your whole rap allegiance, oh yes
This one’s for for little bro who big bro ain’t come back from the store yet
Ho-tep, I’m here for blessings sent my direction, no less
This one’s for those who don’t know they pops not invincible yet
Trick bitches hoes that don’t know just how nasty they are
They out here wearing the same tongue ring they ain’t change from ten dicks ago yet
Hopefully that scope on that AR don’t take my focus to places where I put fakers in comas longer than daytime soapas
Any calendar day I’ll Halloween like late October
I’ll bury these niggas up under the Devil’s playground, playtime’s over
Your bitch fine, dawg, I can’t deny it
She tryna be my wife on the side, I ain’t invited
I just step over the ring and hit the bitch like Andre the Giant
Papa used to beat on me often for not being perfect
THOTs used to call me tar baby, cops taught that I’d be worthless
Mama gave birth to only one dark child like Rodney Jerkins
That taught me to focus on what’s inside y’all and not the surface

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