Though Yandhi has been pushed back to an unknown date, Kanye West has no signs of fading into the woodwork. The rapper recently announced his intention to stage an interview with CNN’s Van Jones. “I’d like to do an interview with Van Jones within the next 7 days,” writes Kanye, via Twitter. After the seventh day, however, all bets are presumably off. It’s possible that Yeezy recently got done watching The Ring, and felt inspired. Or, it’s entirely possible that Ye has something popping off in one week, and wants to discuss it in a timely fashion. Who really knows?

Though Kanye West did appear to disavow politics, his decision to chop it up with a CNN commentator feels like, at the very least, a politically-adjacent move. Interestingly enough, Kanye appears to have traded in his Republican allies for those of a more left-leaning persuasion; though CNN is neutral in theory, they seem to have taken a hard-line stance in opposition to the current President, the ever-divisive Donald Trump. One has to wish Kanye would simply sit down and discuss music, as the majority of his supports value his creativity and artwork among all else.

Still, it’s likely that a Kanye West CNN interview would yield some interesting perspectives. Just when he got out, they pulled him back in.