21 Savage is in the process of shifting the narrative. It’s evident across the internet; people surprised to discover the man is actually nice on the mic, delivering albums lined with genuine content and introspection. Of course, it’s easy to recall the Savage that “was,” a dead-eyed horrorcore trapper, prone to violence, violence, and another serving of violence. Yet seeing him in action on The Breakfast Club reveals a sense of evolution, a sense of growth touched on in the album’s title. Today, the man of the hour hit up The Breakfast Club to discuss his life, his music, and much more.https://www.instagram.com/p/BrqArgDHbGB/?utm_source=ig_embed

Off the bat, Envy and Charlamagne are blown away by album opener “A Lot,” which features yet another magnificent feature from J. Cole. “I had met J. Cole probably last year, at Made In America. Jay-Z festival. We exchanged numbers, and always been talking on some big brother, giving me advice on my career shit,” explains 21. “He randomly texted me like, I’m in Atlanta, what studio you at? I had my kids with me, and [booked a studio session], and we just vibed out. He took the song with him back home to Raleigh, cause he drove.”

“You know I had to go up there and fu*k with Cole,” says, clearly humbled by the way things have turned out. He proceeds to admit that he didn’t always take music as seriously as he does today, citing uncertainty as the main detractor. “Once I seen what it could do, and what I could do with it, I sat back and thought about all the shit I been through in my life. I gotta do whatever I can do to do my best with it. It’s like a gift, for real.”

He also opens up a little bit about his dynamic with Amber Rose, after Charlamagne claims that “Ball Without You” was surely centered around his publicized relationship. Savage laughs, joking claiming hatred toward Tha God. “Amber heard the song before it came out,” he explains. “On God, me and Amber cool as a mutherfuck*a. It ain’t about her, it’s about relationships. I ain’t gon’ lie, it ain’t about her but certain shit that I’m saying, me and her had them discussions. I talked to her like, fu*k your love Amber, I want your loyalty. Amber my dawg. She cool as hell.”

For more from Savage, who dropped off what many are calling his best album to date, peep the full interview below.