50 Cent Defends Nicki Minaj’s “Marriage & Baby” Talk With New Boyfriend

50 Cent says since Nicki already knew her boyfriend, it’s not too early to talk marriage.

Everything pertaining to Nicki Minaj’s new relationship has caused media outlets to go wild. It’s gotten bad enough that Nicki is actually suing one reporter for spreading lies about her. Minaj is one of the most outspoken artists in the game as she always speaks her mind on social media. She can likely relate to 50 Cent and the way he’s always stayed true to his beliefs in what he posts. Fiddy has no censoring capability so it was clear that when TMZ approached him in the street, they would try and get him to talk.https://www.instagram.com/p/BrL-wSBnqO4/?utm_source=ig_embed

The G-Unit leader said he wasn’t ready to speak about the death of Pedro Jimenez, a Power crew member. However, he was happy to speak about Nicki Minaj’s relationship with Kenneth Petty. Fiddy has tried to be a marriage counsellor to Cardi B and Offset, telling the “Bodak Yellow” songstress that she “needs to go home,” and now he’s seemingly backing Nicki’s decisions to talk marriage and babies with Kenneth Petty. When the photographer asked him if he thought it was too early after they only started dating two months ago, Fif brought up the fact that they’ve known each other for years. “Maybe she already knew him,” he said. “He from the neighborhood. Southside.”

What do you think about Nicki and her new/old flame? Is it too early to be considering babies?




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