Ariana Grande Claims Big Sean “Could Still Get It” Amid Jhene Aiko Breakup Rumors

Is she for real…?

Ariana Grande most recent single ruffled a few and pleased many others. “thank u, next” was received with mixed feelings considering its lyrical content. When the music drop, the song got an unprecedented amount of plays as the clip broked streaming records within 24 hours. Fans have been lapping up the visuals with fervor and some caught on to one of the production’s easter egg-like moments.Each ex-boyfriend mentioned in Ariana’s lyrics were represented in the music video. A few scenes showed the singer holding her version of the Mean Girls burn book with pages dedicated to those individuals. The words she chose for Pete Davidson were equal parts cop out and sweet: “srry I dipped. I love u always.”  Ricky Alvarez’ page praised him as a “great” dancer and named him as a “friend forever.”Big Sean’s page was the one to cause some online buzz. It qualified the rapper as “so cute, so sweet.” Then, it specified that he “could still get it.”

Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Some people are considering her words to be “mad disrespectful” since the rapper is in a romantic relationship with Jhene Aiko, last time we checked. Fans are mocking the whole situation through an assortment of commentary and memes, calling Ariana’s remark “shady.”

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