It’s been a year since we lost Mac Miller, but the law is just catching up to those responsible for his death. Mac overdosed on what he believed were percocet, but what investigators discerned was mostly Fentanyl. Fentanyl being mixed in with other drugs has been the main cause of prescription overdoses in the last couple of years. The highly potent and dangerous substance can kill a human with a dose as small as the lunula on your pinky nail.

According to TMZArianna Grande can’t wait for justice to be handed down to Cameron James Pettit, the drug dealer who sold Mac the bad pills. Sources close to Ariana told TMZ that she believes Pettit took advantage of someone suffering from addiction and that he should face the harshest consequences possible for his role in Mac’s passing. Pettit was recently arrested and prosecutors claim that he was one of three people who supplied Mac with the fentanyl-laced pills. The other two suspects are still being pursued. Grande feels anyone who was involved in supplying Miller those pills should be charged and convicted. Pettit is being held without bond, to which sources claim eases Grande’s mind a little, although the feeling of closure won’t really resonate until Pettit is convicted.