AZLYRICS: Crooked I – B.C. Lyrics


What’s up dizz?
Dizz on the beat by the way
Aye dizz you smell that?
You smell that? I smell smoke, oh not yet
Aight cool Amma relax, yo what’s happening y’all, it’s the legendary flow you already know
Kxng Crooked I, Long Beach, Family Bvsiness, ya heard me?

Rhymin’ whole sentences, crime with no witnesses
Mind your own business if your eyes behold me killing the sickest lines with no censorship
Fighting that like uncle Luke
Like you snort Hennessy, every line’s a 100 proof and proving they the fucking truth, praying for my enemy
Catch me out east in a dickie suit and a bubble goose, knuck if you buck nigga, riding with my gangsta boots
Cigar in my mouth, bucket hat with the kangaroo
Fuck you rappers I came for you
Guns are blasting my aim is true
Lucky bastard you made it through
Fuck your facts where I’m from
Tucking ratchets is the thing to do
I ain’t the same as you
I fuck with classics, the track will get dumped in acid I slay the groove

Prayers up for my niggas who didn’t make it, prayer rug in the basement we famous and living sacred but humans are still sinning, women strip to the anklet, it’s like the new renaissance picture bitches naked I’m… at the trump national I’m playing some golf in a dashiki vibranium in the cloth I ain’t a lost nigga, the skin I’m in is so ancient remain a boss nigga, gave you a deal and a bag you became a soft nigga, cut off my water them chickens will go to Mexico, to feds on my nuts like tentacles on my testicles, kill a flow made me legend so, in the coast with a sexy hoe, rock a fur in december identical to an Eskimo I’m in my condo, bumping Quando Rondo any John fuck with my dough gonna be a John Doe, love that young and wild shit, but I want all my young niggas to make it out the game
Enjoy your money and fame my nigga
G shit we came here on a sea ship
Shackles on our feet now it’s cracking we get eating it the shit I feed the streets with
Fu-Gee-La beat flip, freestyle, tattoo the only time I ain’t drip
The West is hot will the W be destroyed
I bet it’s not see the W’s we enjoy
Respect the block at the W we the boys
Connect the dots that’s W. E. B. du bois Homie
Black and prominent wyclef jean it
Designer Denim never recessive them genes dominate, I don’t spit a 16 I vomit it
West coast like a purple and gold laker jersey with Lebron in it so honor it

Yo, yo old me EP coming soon you hear me (coming)
Brand new shit (new shit, ahhhh)
California Crooked I
The king in the front
Family Bvsiness (Family Bvsiness), hitmakers y’all know what it is man (Yeah)
Yeah (Long Beach)
Old me EP coming soon you know what I mean (Long Beach)
Dropping something like December 21 for y’all
Yeah (yeah)
New music (old me EP, coming soon)
Dizz on the beat
Ak behind the boards (what up dice, chase)
I know what it is man, [*sniff*] what’s that I smell? I smell smoke, oh not yet, okay!

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