AZLYRICS: Crooked I – Barbara Bush Lyrics

“Barbara Bush”
(feat. Sir Doobie And Barbara Bush)

[Sir Doobie:]
Sir doobie back in this motherfucker, ho!
What up, macabre?
Sir Doobie here
You know I’m top shelf looking for a bitches help
Cause this dick won’t suck itself
You understand? Haha
I’m about to jump in my time machine
Blow some dope in a wormhole
Rewind time and go find the king

[Crooked I:]
Dig that
Like a scene outta a 70s blaxploitation movie
Superfly, The Mack, Coffy
Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song
Ghetto royalty
King Crooked
White mink draggin’, pinky ring flashing
Cadillacin’ mackin’ and big check cashin’
King Crooked

I’m in my boxers in a full length mink coat
In the Cosmopolitan suites with Barbara Bush
She giving me deepthroat
Heart racing like a speed boat
Swallow my babies and then she made me some cheese toast
IPhone Youtube ringtone
Is my cousin’s soft heater
Keynote speaker for weed smoke
He said “I got them trees, Loc”
Well let’s tax them corners like Caesar
Can’t be wrong in the streets bro
(I hear ya, baby)
And Kush ain’t never killed nobody
And if it did, its different and not horrific as liquor kid
Prohibition, them real niggas was getting rich
Try to legalize it, we buy dispensaries
(Flip the script, pimpin’)
Hung up the phone, time to hit the crib
Then hit the club on a Tuesday, that bitch is lit
I got Barbara in the mix with me
Thinking of how they shot Pac and hit Biggie
I don’t want homies pouring liquor on the phone when shit get mixy
So I valet the coupe to bulletproof 650
It’s a big city
I know so many riders outside of the club, Bloods and Crips take pics with me
I ain’t a gang banger
I keep the banger P89 on the hip
I came in this bitch to get tipsy
Only lames playing games they ain’t from
That’s wack shit
Fag shit
I seen niggas get wrap packed in the park for that shit
But back to the club scene
“I think I just seen Crooked mobbin’ with a bad bitch”
That’s what they say when I’m at my table
Some 1940, two Don Julios, some Johnny Walker blue label
I told that chick Barbara Bush “Go get some delicious bitches to join us”
Because my pool game is too fatal
(I can dig it, baby)
They won’t refuse it tonight
Power; I might abuse it tonight
Send word to the DJ to put his bottles on my tab and don’t forget to play some real nigga music tonight
We might lose it tonight
Like I said some Pac or some B.I.G
Nigga, we so deep we got 3 VIPs
Occupy the club and nobody got they drivers license
Just in case we shoot and cops wanna see IDs
(Nah, baby)
I’m leaving this bitch innocent
Police follow while Barbara Bush swallow my kids again
(King Crooked, baby)

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