AZLYRICS: Crooked I – Better Late Than Never Lyrics

“Better Late Than Never”

(My Brother Dizz Made This…)

Riding in my eighty seven IROC like it’s a Maybach
Smashing the gas pedal to the metal
In a pair of Chuck Taylor high tops nigga why not?
Lightning coming out my eyes like a Frylock
When I’m in the booth I’m the motherfucking truth
Ticking time bomb
Soon as the rhyme drop it blow up in your face
Like you ain’t got a second left on the time clock (Boom)
As I consume life as I resume like an army platoon fight
Whatever the goon write fill another tomb site
Feeling like a bare foot werewolf howling under the moonlight
Leader of the wolf pack get back Crooks back
Niggas wanna flex with a Instagram hood rat
Quit that skip that this that
Got the whole industry shook rap
Eliminate when I innovate I’m a inmate
Every bar is a prison gate
They thinking it’s a joke
‘Till the pistol penetrate and give ’em eight
When I’m bringing the smoke it’s a little late to ventilate
I authenticate everything that I syndicate
Sleeping on a renegade quickest way you can get awake
Forget a snake I set a demon straight
When I demonstrate haters’ll disintegrate
Nobody’s harder you better get the Carter
You better get the Blueprint
Better get the Marshall Mathers LP before you tell me
You can fuck with the beast from Eastie LB (Wha)
Mow your whole family down
Casket get closed like hand-me-downs
Got degrees in lime plus sugar in your tank that’s cap and gown
(Wha wha wha wha whaa)
Sinister synonyms in the center is syllables
Shots enter your ligaments I’ma kill ’em in intervals
I’ma give ’em an minimal of ten in the mental
And then the pistol’ll download your spirit the shit is digital
I’m talking ’bout weapon squeezing
Guess the reason
It’s one eighty seven season
Your chest is bleeding
My hand is reaching
Until you heart beats in my right palm
That’s how I pledge allegiance
Rest in peaces
Wanna hear a joke?
Niggas want smoke
Get they neck broke when I hang ’em from a oak
That’s death for treason (Ah)
Hot with the flow like Pac with the Row
I’ma air him out on his death bed at his parents house
On the bedspread found out you wasn’t paramount
Got your whereabouts from a meth head
Gave a rock to the ho
I don’t care about no obstacle
Soon as we lock and load
Nigga you gots to go
Nigga we rock and roll
And the choppers’ll blow like oo ah ooh oh (Woah)
Riding on the I ten East
With my ten piece light eyes over sized twin peaks
And some nice big cheeks
Grinding out here trying to light these streets on fire
We just out here trynna get the dough
Put the game in a figure four
It’s a go
Came for the cheese
Franck Muller Franc with a C
This is no Kenneth Cole
Flame with the speech
Vicious flow
Vicious like Kid Vishis and his vicious bro
Hang with the G’s spitters know
Dizz program the instrumental
If I don’t kill it it’ll slit my throat
No sheep herder
I only sit with goats
Family Bvsiness

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