AZLYRICS: Crooked I – Death Row’s Back Lyrics

“Death Row’s Back”

Lights out in this bitch
Sit your ass in that chair
You ain’t goin’ nowhere nigga
[gun cocks] Got this heater ready
Will even crack ya ass over tha head witta bottle
Whatever the fuck we gotta do to let you know..

[Verse 1:]
That ain’t no nigga sicker then me
I’m as sick as can be
They get offended when I’m rippin’ tha beat
You can’t get dough quicker then me
Cause in particularly
I get figures like I’m flippin’ some D[?]
I don’t know whatchu claim but I’m pro wit’ the aim
Nigga the Crooked’ll put a whole in ya brain
Stick pole in ya dame make her strow witta caine(sp?)
Notorious label and Death Row is tha name, huh
Money and power and I devour cowards
Wit’ bullets that come in a thousands miles and hour
How’s about get tha [?] wit’ tha shower
Witcha house wit’ bullets that might knock down towers
Punk motherfuckers wanna fuck wit’ me
Get wild, get drawn then I shoot ya team
Niggaz gettin’ slumped uncomfortably
Get a slug for free, I got a thug degree
In ya motherfuckin’ faces witta’ bumper bee
Killa enemy, in any vicinity
Wit’ the mini machine gun, offendin’ me and my company (Tha Row!)
You niggaz can’t fuck wit’ that
Rubbin’ ya guns but where you bustas at?
Pull up at the club and get out the truck wit’ gats
Death Row’s Back now what’s up wit’ that?

[Chorus: x2]
You can do what you want but can’t stop this here
We got niggaz on the block in fear
Some gangsta shit is about to drop this year
Our rise to the top is near
You been waitin’ around for that West Coast shit
Ghetto ass out from the Death Row clique
If you a hustler then check yo crip
If you a hater then you can suck a dick..

Suck A Dick…


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