AZLYRICS: Crooked I – Deep Cover Lyrics

“Deep Cover”

Yo, my speech is awesome, I’m a creature walkin’
Through your graveyard, I’m about to eat ya coffin
The streets are talkin’, show plenty caution
So many bosses in my city, Long Beach is Boston
I’m like the scenes they feature Ethan Hawke in
Training Day, I aim and spray heaters often
Leave the hero role for Peter Park and Clark Kent
And see a marksman, stone colder than Steven Austin
Speedin’ off in a level 3 Jeep
Call it my vietnam vehicle I acquire via auction
Ima be alarmin’, squeezin’ nina rossen
Til ya fall out like you sufferin’ from heat exhaustion
Sleepin’ with the fishes, speakin’ to freakin dolphins
Sinkin’ off in the pacific, you and your cheesy walkman
Death by def rhymes while I’m in ya speaker talkin’
Tell the officer the murderous shit I’m speakin’ off them
You pray for easy stalkin’
I’ma killer creepin’ through the fog when you in the park with your breezy joggin’
I don’t need be joggin, I’m ions beyond, every peon get peed on, and ima keep it bossin’
From Battle Creek to Loftland
I battle each, zap, jab, rattle teeth, body shots that’ll keep’m coughin’
Got a cold low blow, that’ll beat your balls in
That’ll teach you niggas my audacity’s appallin’
Y’all is all actors like Steve Seagal
And Stephen Baldwin but me I keep evolvin’
A G with the secret sauce, hoes – we be doggin’
See me in the blingy cross, flows keep me flossin’
See me when you tee me off, Ima leave you in a seizure
Then I’m squeezin toss-in, make sure the ringers lost in
I’m in Vegas, at the venician ballin’
With a bolesian skeezin’ and kadisha, I’m beatin drawers in
They say I’m a leader, with a preachers callin’
Cause I started C.O.B. and got some real G’s to fall in
Yeah, say I got a preacher’s callin’, now all my real G’s Fall in

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