AZLYRICS: Crooked I – If I Die Lyrics

“If I Die”

There’s killers in my backyard
Schemin’ on my head
I can’t believe I made it this far
I’m supposed to be dead

If I die what you gon’ tell my kids?
Tell them how they father lived
Chopper in the trunk, $150, 000 whip parked outside they mother crib
Tell them how they father lived
I was a kid with a kid
That’s why I did what I did
All of it wasn’t positive
But shit, it is what it is
Sometimes I had to do my own dirt
To keep the lights on so you can do your homework
Sometime I did homework
Ski mask over the dome in somebodies home
That’s why recording these important songs hurt
Plus around every corner karma gon’ lurk
That’s why I walk around with goons
Look at my face that’s why I got these battle wounds

If I die what you gon’ tell my kids?
Don’t colour me a bad dude
I was just tryna make sure you had food
A dropout no college and grad school
Grew up fucked up put yourself in your dad shoes
Risked my life to catchup with them digits
Watch [?] bearers lower my hood brothers and ditches
While I was surrounded by roaches and rats
I ain’t talking pest control I mean bustas and snitches
That time I moved you miles away
Some people was tryna touch you to bring me out to play
What I did I ain’t allowed to say
But I had to do certain things to be here now today (God forgive me)
You might hear that he was a drug dealer
You might hear the feds wanna come get him
And when they ask him about his children
You gon’ hear that he was in love with them
You gon’ hear that he always ride for them
You gon hear that he often cried for them
And just to see them live a better life
They gone tell you he woulda died for them

If I die what you gon’ tell my kids?
If I die what you gon’ tell my kids?
Tell ’em how their father lived
Keep it 1 hunnad with them
Tell them who their father is
I took food to the homeless shelter
I always respect my elders
Prefer to be self educated
I question everything they tell us
My family struggle and I can’t ignore it (1 hunnad)
I get money then I pay it forward (1hunnad)
Most importantly everyday you smile
Best believe I thank the creator for it

If I die what you gon’ tell my kids?
Tell ’em how their father lived
The whole truth, nothing but the truth
Tell ’em who their father is (1 hunnad man)
Keep it 1 hunnad

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