AZLYRICS: Crooked I – I’m A Boss (Freestyle) Lyrics

“I’m A Boss (Freestyle)”

Niggaz want me to kill ’em if Crooked I hit ya
With a couple of them shots then your hommies gon’ die wit ya
They some internet dry snitches
That’ll have me stuck in the cell less than fine bitches on fly pictures
But If I catch him Where nobody’s lookin’
The shawty beam him up like Scotty took him
While his mommy’s yellin’ somebody book him
Put him under the jail
Your son sleeping with the fish I put him under a whale
The streets, they put me under a spell
It was magic like I left LA up right under [?]
I swell, I’m in your hood before you choppers can find me
By myself nothing but my shadow walking behind me
I’M A SHOOTER!!! Thats how the ghetto drama designed me
Throwing up W’s on stage like I’m PAC in the 90s
I grew up under the poverty line
Robbery crime
Better be everywhere the gwap would be that philosophy’s mine
Yeah I’m married to the streets its monogamy time
My visions coming true for wishing unless the prophecy’s lyin’
I’m moving quiet a summer breeze
I ain’t talking six figures when I say I got a hundred K’s and a hundred G’s (ssuutt suutt!!!)
They ride for me motherfucker please
Take your oxygen as if niggaz was cutting trees
I’m overseas COB they religion, they get the tattoo
Thats what [?] the realist rap do
Its biblical cover does in lamb blood when we pass through
The thug gospel I’m that dude
I’m A Boss house tucked in ’em hills
You did it with wack shit man I done it with skills
Mrs Gates Mrs Cosby we in love with them bills
Call it Jae call it Meek they I’m fucking with Mills (Talk to ’em)
You never seen me in your TV screen
But I bet the block hear the engine when the GT scream
Giving niggaz the blues like when BB sing
With word play like his last name meet thee king (hello)
Watch the throne I should’ve ripped otis
Chicks notice I’m the shit focused on my grip
So they slip into hypnosis
They know your shit bogus
So my dick get dibbs on which ever pair of lips closest
I’m high voltage
I’m quite Rogish
I touch you nigga take your power I’m something like Rogue is
Shady Records whose stunting like those kids? (huh?)
I’m on my third deal there’s nothing like showbiz (Yeah!!!)
Smoking mirrors you burried me alive
But I wasn’t in that coffin you thought u carried me inside
I appearently survived
You should barely be suprised
’cause my character [?]
Was preparing me to rise
And if you thought failure was the way my story goes
You don’t know who you fucking with… Glory hole
Haha hahahahahahahahaha
You don’t know who you fucking with Glory hole

You niggaz crazy out there
Its COB nigga
PlanetCOB vol.2 right now available
Million Dollar Story coming
I’m a shameless plug thug


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