AZLYRICS: Crooked I – I’m ThrowedI’m Throwed Lyrics

“I’m Throwed”

Yeah, it’s different ways to rock this motherfucking mic man
You got your regular rhyme schemes
You got your off-beat flow, your double-time spit
If you don’t know how to rap each and every fucking way
How you calling yourself an MC huh?
Yeah, Hip Hop Weekly, Crooked I, C.O.B (C.O.B. nigga)
Treacherous Records is in the motherfucking house
We doing this one early, you know why? (Why?)

Motherfuck D, motherfuck M
Only X I know is triple X fo’ sho
My white T is Pro Club and it’s hanging extra low
Disrespecting the west, the Smith and Wesson check the ho
Pookie from New Jack, smoking them Chris Rocks
Bullets in your mouth, now that’s how you lick shots
To the tick tock big rocks in my Slick Rick watch
Sick drops, nigga this is hip hop bitch
That’s right, you don’t like what we rap about
Keep wrapping your mouth around your crack pipe (haha)
Put your lips on them pussy lips I beat up last night
Since his ass in the dark, fuck him with a flashlight

Motherfuck D, motherfuck M
Only X I know is Malcolm X and O
Yes, Professor X, Sadat X and X.P.A.N.D. but
DMX a ho, nuff of that crack head
With that said, I’m looking for the spineless
For Ruckers’ finest I’m yelling motherfuck Imus
You know what his crime is, same as Michael Richards
And I’m looking for them timers cause Crooked’s about to get ya
I’m taking it to them Death Certificate days
Dodger hat, Rhyme Syndicate shades
King Tee dookie rope, where I’m from young niggas get paid
Drinking liquor just to piss on your grave, West coast nigga
Back it up whenever God’s gift spit it
If you want it you can get it, I’m so Todd Smith with it
I hop, skip, pivot, you not shit, you pop shit
My Glocks spit shots quicker than clocks tick minutes
Don’t want it, don’t start it, chrome pistol won’t target
Won’t miss you, go on spark it, tearing through bones and cartilage
Putting niggas on glow in the dark shit
A ghost floating over they own carcass, fuck I goes hard bitch
Eastside Long Beach ’til I fucking croak
No joke, aye Wolf Wanggg what up loc
This is C, this is R, this is double O-K, this is E-D
You niggas ain’t fucking with me

Hey you, you with the glass dick in your mouth
If I ever ever ever EVER catch you disrespecting the West again
We gone slap the monkey-shit out your punk ass
C.O.B nigga…crackhead
You can’t even say “crack the motherfucking window” around this fucking junkie
Niggas say crack the door and he start looking on the floor
And fuck Imus too

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