AZLYRICS: Crooked I – International Players Anthem Lyrics

“International Players Anthem”


Two Glocks in my back pockets got me rocking square pants
L7 niggas two-stepping, who wanna square dance
When I’m on Patron, you won’t even have a fair chance
Feeling like I could lift up my whole hood with my bare hands
Who would dare glance?
I’ll have your family holding hands in a prayer stance
I’m having rare plans
To whoop you like your granny working with a bare branch
Barely see you standing over there, ya’ll some mere ants
I made a half a ticket flipping purple-haired plants
Don’t see me? I’m relaxing somewhere in France
Then I’m in the hood grimey as I wanna be
House shoes, white tee, mami right up under me
Funny she asked me how to throw up the Eastside
Make your fingers look like the number 3 and quit bugging me
I’m just playing baby mama, you my honey bee
Ass juicier than Sunny Dee, come fuck a G
Been fucking with cheddar
Diamonds more colorful than Cliff Huxtable’s sweater
The clique tuck the berettas, the kid’s tougher than leather
Spit slugs at whoever, sick, rugged and clever
Rich, thugging and better than all ya’ll styling
Give me a penny for the many niggas I semi-ed
And I’m instantly Paul Allen, naw ya’ll wilin’
I smashed enough haters to populate a small island
And I’m a hungry dog growling
It’s the Crip and Blood state, duck when my gun shake
Thought I told ya’ll, you take five like a lunch break
I treat you like brains and call ya’ll niggas fuckface
I come from semen that’s why I’m a nutcase
Shouts out to Just Blaze, that was good looking homie
Said what you said and now all the bad bitches looking for me
One of them took off her True Religions and shook it for me
Husband say “Why the fuck you do it?” she said “Crooked told me”
Hop in the ’63 Eastside with me
I’m similar to Andre, I’m three times a G
The spirits of B.I.G., Left E-Y-E
Big L, Pun and Pac reside in me
Shouts out to O.G. Bun B
I know you don’t want me beefing but they beefing with me
I know you don’t want me beefing but LBC

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