AZLYRICS: Crooked I – Life After Death Row (Interlude) Lyrics

“Life After Death Row (Interlude)”

Slain and knew the language. Like, the stuff we talk about or the stuff with this Crooked I or Eastwood talkin’ about on they album. That’s, like, so damn hood. You know, and everythin’ you talk about is reality stuff. Like, when Crooked I said he parked the five and come the bike. Right? He really do got a five and he really would jump on a bike and pedal

When I was in the pen doin’ five I sat back and I watched the game. I watched the game. I watched how people was doin’ stuff that I did in ’92. They still doin’ it in 2002. And the too high the justice for us on the West Coast in the streets was Crooked I and Eastwood. So high you in…

One of the things was that Crooked I came to visit me when I was in the pen. He was like, “Well, look, I’m workin’ on this. I want to do this. I want to do this.” I still saw you guys do is kick back, rush your neck. And that’s exactly what he did

Damn! After I left Death Row Records shit got all bad. I mean, nobody wouldn’t even fuck with me. You know, like, nobody in the industry, man. I mean, I… I felt like I had a dark cloud over me. Like, records executives would run in the opposite direction when they see me comin’, man

They was scared… they was scared of what Death Row Records represented. They was scared… to do business with me, so I had to go back to the streets. I had to… I had to do my independent thing. I was fightin’ a gun charge at the time, so I had to sell my cars, my trucks… I had to put my jewelry in the pawn shop. I had to start all over, man. I couldn’t even financially be there… for those that I loved most

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