AZLYRICS: Crooked I – Nobody Cares Lyrics

“Nobody Cares”
(feat. Tena Jones)

[Verse 1]
I got a question for you
When you see another human being who’s being treated worse than a disease
On his knees, beggin’ please, for egg and cheese
Or anything to eat do you see his test as a lesson for you
Or do you move on say “fuck em”, ignore em
Can’t do nothing for em, if this is true, let me count your blessings for ya
You could be fighting hunger, not the Gandhi type hunger strike fighting for something right
I mean fighting the type of hunger a little girl in the third world
Fights everyday ’til her stomach is nothing but something that her spine is hiding under
Only been alive 5 summers
Hunger pains, her heart beating like some live drummers
It’s beating harder, then she drop, died
Momma lost a daughter cause they ain’t have food and drinking water
God damn I shed a tear in the booth
Cause when I say it I’m simultaneously hearing the truth
But do you care?

[Hook: Crooked I & Tena Jones]
I need to know if you care
We dying out here in the streets
Little kids, they got nothing to eat
But does anybody care?
(Are you there?
Who cares?
You need to see you in them out there, to care.)

[Verse 2]
Like Zero Dark Thirty we saw terror
Growing up in the hood, a small error
In judgement can make your parents become some pallbearers
For nothing, they saw Eric and he gangbanged, but they can’t aim
So them straight shots caught [?] for nothing, do you care what
Get involved, get out of your chair, stand the fuck up
Do something, don’t lie down and do nothin
Five rounds, hit him in his side now
Blood paints the streets of the Chitown since the news [?]
When is the truce coming?
Violence hit a new summit
And the view from it allows us to see the youth plummet
Gotta be sad, colostomy bags, shots got teenagers rockin’ a new stomach
And I ain’t saying that this rap was perfect
But I’m strapped with purpose
Trying to get past the surgeons in that emergency room
But if I don’t get past the casket service
Just write this shit on my tomb
Nobody care


We dying out here in the streets
Little kids, they got nothing to eat
But does anybody care?
Does anybody care?

Put a lighter in the sky tonight, put a lighter in the sky tonight
Put a lighter in the sky tonight, hold a lighter up high tonight

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