AZLYRICS: Crooked I – Obey (KXNG’S Speech) Lyrics

“Obey (KXNG’S Speech)”

You are now about to begin
A great adventure
A journey
Out of your mind

They say the world has been corrupted by the rich folk
That’s why my freedom got a blaster in my trench coat
And, Lady Justice, I’m just coming to cut this bitch throat
She ass out like them purple pants Prince wore
I’m just sitting here with all these rocket launchers
Trying to think of a reason I should listen to my conscious
Reaching into my mind for a memory
Maybe a promise I made my momma
That I would not come out and show out with them choppas
My papa ain’t around, the system swallowed him whole
I couldn’t find a promise, guess I’ll follow the code:
Follow the code of being an outlaw, get every dollar I’m owed
Fuck it these white collar criminals trying to swallow the globe
They out here getting paid off
The backs of the same workers they laid off
Then they cut the drug trade off
No more getting that weight off
These days, you can’t even tell a Bernie Sanders from a Bernie Madoff
They all the same, bunch of Adolfs
Under a different swastika
Got a brand new oven for all you hot niggas
Here come the drum roll…
Understand the propaganda
That they using to control your mind
Cause it’s a psychological battle
And they thinking for you!

Where thay at tho?
And they thinking for you!
Nah, tell me where thay at tho?

Puppets on the television trying sell a vision
Tell them I ain’t buying that
This is a revolution
I’mma let iron clap
Till I see execution clap clap fire back
They fear their retribution
Machine gun preacher
Carve psalms in their bullets
And you devils gonna feel the word of God
When I pull it fear no evil
The body snatchers are coming I got my nine cocked
They ain’t got a chain on my body
When they got my mind locked
Every book they made me read that was
Hoping that the cycle don’t stop
Like Father Time’s watch
You see the stencil was saved
On to how to mental enslave
We was meant to behave
Until we enter the grave
Mightier than the sword
That’s what the pencil became
Ran out of cheek’s to turn
This is meant for the brave
War, who’s ready for war?
I ain’t talking about the group that sang lowrider
ISIS mixed with Al-Quada
Coming for us poor outsiders
We devout riders
Dude I need a lighter
I’m smoking weed with some freedom fighters
Who call me a leader but really I never need a title
Just need a rifle to defeat the rivals
Of my streets’ disciple
Just need my people’s survival
This is a street revival!
This is a street revival!
This is a street revival!

“Politicians make people believe their vote mattered
On issues that affected their lives
When all along the elite want the 1 percent control of decision making.”

Cause it’s a psychological battle
And they thinking for you!

Where thay at tho?
And they thinking for you!
Nah, tell me where thay at tho?

There is no money in justice and peace
I repeat: there is no money in justice and peace
There’s only money in corruption
There’s only money in penitentiary, free labor and war
Why you think the middle class died 50 years ago?
It was all planned by the politicians and fakers
It was all planned by the puppet master
Look at this place man, look at what they created
There’s the super rich and the super poor
Nothing’s in between
They killing us
We killing us
Everybody is killing us!
They lied to our parents
They lied to our grandparents
You don’t see it?
They wrote a rejection [?] outside of this atmosphere
You don’t see it?
And they still liars
Everything you learned is false
Everything you see is fake
They brain washing us
They brain washing us
But there’s room
There are no rules in taking ourselves back
You ready to take yourself back?
You ready to take yourself back?!
You ready to fight this fucked up system?!
If you want to lead the movement, do it now
Better to be a coward now
Than to be a traitor later

And that’s the truth

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