AZLYRICS: Crooked I – Renegade ’04 Lyrics

“Renegade ’04”

This for my niggaz
Sometimes I wonder if niggaz still love this rap shit, man
Or y’all motherfuckers only like beats and hooks
It’s all good I Ain’t mad
I just… nigga
This for my niggaz tho
My real ass niggaz
Real nigga music
Hold on

Sometimes I wonder to myself why I’m so vicious and hostile
With a love for gangsta shit thats deep as christians with gospel
And I’m thuggin with a clique of apostles
Artistically I’ma stay sick as Picasso
‘Til the niggaz are fossil, ’til the niggaz are artifact
Any cardiac procedures for me
do it in the ghetto cause that’s where my heart is at
So if I ever had a heart attack
You shock treatment on the street to bring this artist back
We clear? I feel like this is my autobiography
Make each rhyme freeze time like the art of photography
I can’t explain how growing up in poverty bothered me
Gangbangers fathered me, taught me the science of robbery
So I was cockin pistols, when Kris dropped “My Philosophy”
Dropped outta school with an IQ higher than Socrates
Who knew, beein a hoodlum was my outcome
In the 60’s, Could’ve been a muslim named Malcolm
How come, everybody in america’s mouth run
Talking about us bad, when you made us pull out guns
Gave my people crack, counter attack that with the RICO act
That’s why them penitentiary’s be so packed
but if you peep through the key whole black
you see those crackers sittin on the kilo stack
I ain’t racist I just wonder where our heroes at
We roll strapped, please know that, we load gats
Send three shots through your moschino hat
Sip some ‘Gnac, lean on back, this is gangsta
Movin through the hood in a McLaren FL
Wearin a vest and a gun, bangin KRS-One
just when y’all niggaz thought the terror era was done
a nigga scared to speak, I never was one
So fuck Bill O’Reilly tryin to block my door
You just a racist like half of these L.A. cops I know
I keep a glock ready to lock n load
I steel your soul like elvis stole rock n roll
I’m so political, then again I’m so gangsta that it’s pitiful
I squeeze with ease when y’all find it difficult

Crooked is a renegade, I never been afraid
Double r slugs, how many scars can it penetrate
Miggaz wanna lock me in a box, put me in a cage
Cause I speak the real shit whenever I’m center stage


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