AZLYRICS: Crooked I – Respect Your OG’s Lyrics

“Respect Your OG’s”

Mmm hmm [clears throat]
Ay Jim Gittum
We need some of that old school gangsta shit from the westside
Yea… all you niggaz out there who love all the westcoast gangsta shit
this the history class
All you new niggaz out there, pay attention
Respect your OG’s

My nigga Ice-T set it off with “6’n the Mornin'”
Rhyme paid the O.G. a rich californian
Made a nigga proud of the city I was born in
Gangbang capital you die without warnin
Bangin that C.I.A. Cube’s recordings
Before when Eazy hit with the jheri curl and Jordans
Fat girl on my jock I was important
The 80’s crack sendin niggaz to see the warden
Thunderbird and cool-aid straight liquor abuse
Cortez Nike’s with the alligator swoosh
12 years old in the back of a six-deuce
craigers and dimes but of course it’s on juice
So we lift the caboose, never went back to school
We bangin King T’s “Act a Fool”
First pair of house shoes on the album cover
like my cousin from Brooklyn used to say word to mother
It’s these California streets that made me a young g
I was on Low Profiles ridin with Dub-C
In a MAAD Circle all of the homies would puff weed
they cross coors pendeltons rockin them Chuck T’s
If it ain’t rough it ain’t got the right feelin
Ruthless Villian like Ren niggaz chillin
In a world when pyramid D.O.C. was spillin the raw
ready and willin the law
They wasn’t feelin that “Fuck the Police” shit well stall me out
or you be “One Less Bitch” I gotta worry about
A nigga “Always Into Somethin” man never been a fruitcake
Ever since doctor gave my momma by due date
“Straight Checkin ‘Em” before a nigga even knew Eiht
Compton’s Most Wanted dropped the 5 mic blue tape
I had “Music to Drive By” in my speakers
Fresh from my golf hat to my lotto sneakers
Plus pops never gave me shit but his features
So OG’s and these MC’s were my teachers
Too $hort taught me how to talk to a slut
Like, “Can I ask you a question you like to fuck?”
Got my duck sick which meant my dick sucked
A young nigga born to mack after a quick buck
Pistols stay tucked nobody could disarm me
You and what Uncle Jam’s Army could harm me
I Lynch Mobs and my “Freedom Got an AK” you dickwad
Hit a nigga with the tre eight forget squabs
You know we love to draw
Now I got a murder rap like Above the Law
Just another execution and busters soft
The we lowridin niggaz gotta hug the ‘Shaw
Yea floss without a dentist
we all got a little CPO in us this is the “Ballad of a Menace”
Playin in my boombox I’m walkin down Venice, Beach
IV Life the Mack 10 is in his reach
Wait, “L.A Zoo,” DJ Pooh
DJ Quik if you don’t have a DJ Clue
Let me tell you we got DJ’s too
The Imperial, Sir Jinx, Battlecat, DJ Who
The o.g. damn we def
Young niggaz transformin like JAZZY JEFF
I scratch you out when the fight comes
Me and my Sick Wid’ It Click, we like Spice 1
We keep a nice gun and my knife will slice your right lung
when your reachin for the shine it blind your eyes like the bright sun
Thats sets in Cali gang of war bangers
if they set up in the alley get wet up in death valley
Its 2 times, worse than True Crime
Menace II Society, and Colors was 2 kind
Bullets wipe away your Good Times like JJ’s dad
have you mumblin like JJ Fad
Samallamma Dumallama when the AK mad
The gauge go “Rodney O and Joe Cooley” same base they had
Nigga sawed-off shotgun, hand on the pump
“How I Can Just Kill a Man” playin when I dump
This is for “La Raza,” black Kid Frost
Better stay Mellow Man when you talkin to a boss
C.O.B., LBC same place Snoop was introduced to Dre
By a nigga named Warren G
without that piece of history I wonder where the Beach would be
And I still gotta give it up to you know who
We’ll talk about him on part 2
Yea I still gotta give it up to you know who
We’ll talk about him on part 2

Walk with me walk with me
yea walk with me walk with me teach you bout your OG’s [x3]

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