AZLYRICS: Crooked I – Soul Lyrics


(My Brother Dizz Made This)

Y’all do the same shit
Me and my dudes going apeshit, yo
Puffing on that shady cigar that’s Drew Estate shit
Tetragrammaton on my arm that’s Jewish faith shit
A ho to my notebook to get a close look she’s so shook
Thought it was raps inside I drew a spaceship (woah)
Your pineal gland now watch a dude spark it
Use to rap for props, now your soul is my new target
I’m at the BET awards on the blue carpet
Journalism I’m taking over a new market
The new Spartacus the gladiator is back imagine hating at the whole industry is infected
Imagine if magic made of rap
I’m surviving the virus
I’m still alive I’m the livest
Now what you bastards say to that huh?
You Roger L’s rappers yall old news, the god flow Jesus walks in my own shoes
Baby wants some Nobu I said no boo, pull up in my old school and ate some soul food
(Feel it?, I feel it)

Kinda soul that hit your spirit like the good bible on some incense and a good vinyl, ugh
Bars ain’t over although it looks final, peanuts I got you covered I’m the hoods Lionel
I blanket the blogs with fire catalog, yeah
I’m taking my dogs higher than Adderall, yeah
I’m thankful that y’all even fuck with my raps at all
Reppin’ California the weather is warmer than Anala
Push a button peel the top back
The nose on the blow is so long it look like I’m holding a shop-vac
To every trade I’m a jack shout to combat
Rest in peace my nigga, okay I’m back!
Dominick is uncle Nicki hunnit fifty grand on my neck at the grammy’s
Taking the struggle with me y’all worried about Giuseppe’s I’m worried about being a legend like a [?]
When the beat made by my brother dizzy, is he, crazy? (crazy, haha)
Psycho beats he’s flipping daily and rappers getting hype cause they drop one freestyle
We’ve been doing this for 26 weeks now woah, woah… woah, woah woah, lets calm it down woah

Shoutout all the DJs that’s fucking with the series
DJ King Tech
DJ Revolution, you know what I’m saying
DJ Head
Chuck Dizzle, Bootleg Kev
The Smoking Section
Hip-hop Nation
Shade 45
We appreciate you, we halfway there
So Imma compile all these songs and make a whole project out of it called halfway crook

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