AZLYRICS: Crooked I – Teenaged Killer (1 John 1:9) Lyrics

“Teenaged Killer (1 John 1:9)”

I saw the clip of my homeboy
I saw the clip of my homeboy get killed by the police
He was playin’ with a toy gun
And then he wanna go get a real one
I-I can’t let the cops kill me
I start, I start shootin’ at shit , you know?

I should be at home playing fortnite
‘Stead I’m on the corner , cracking open a coors light
Tell the ops its on sight
Mom shot some dope when she was pregnant with me
So the doctor said I wasn’t born right
I feel fine though, fuck with me and my nine go
I’m handy with the steel
Put you asleep with my eyes closed
A first kiss, shit I got a side hoe
Creepin’ through the side door
Homie, you know the vibes bro
My Big brother said being black is a death sentence
He read a lot, ain’t been the same since he left prison
But he still set trippin’, rag to the left crippin’
Sellin’ dope talking in codes about his next shipment
He tried to go straight when he was fresh out
They wasn’t hiring ex cons they made him stress out
Now he trap at that red house, like the fuck the government
The fiends loving it, wearing a oven mitt pulling that bread out
Uh, wonder why am I a teenage killer
Seeing death in the jects made the PJ’s realer
Crazy movies bout the hood nigga we way iller
Wonder if God forgives teenage killers
In baseball you get the Cy Young for great pitching
In the hood, you get to die young for weight pinching
I’m only 13 my life is in the 8th inning
I had a dream I was walking thru Hell’s gate grinning
Like, fuck the Devil he can get it too, shoot outs its been a few
Stabbed a nigga up for his tennis shoes
His homie was running so fuck it I shot him win or lose
Now I’m on the run cause my baby face is all in the news
The cops kicked in my mama door, start unloading on me
3 to the chest homie it’s ova for me, I’m dying in my mama arms
She holding me the same way she did the day she gave birth to me
I’m lying, like “mama that ain’t hurt to me” she crying
As I start thinking how much was my life was worth to me
I’m certainly on some reflection
Thinking damn, I should of took my life in a different direction
But I buried my friend when the cops killed him
And I buried my uncle when the ops killed him
Now I’m, cold-hearted, my soul departing
Momma, see you heaven, God willin’, sorry
I was a teenage killer
I was a teenage killer

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