AZLYRICS: Crooked I – The Originals Lyrics

“The Originals”
(feat. Bo-Roc)

When they was leaning in they Cadillacs
You was swimming in your daddy’s sax
This is for the originals

[Verse 1]
This is for the originals
We looked up to em even though they was criminals
Niggas did dirt, on Saturday put in work
On Sunday they sit in church
Killers was still spiritual
Doing what they had to do, niggas with an attitude
Alleyways and dead ends, boulevards and avenues
I’m just showing gratitude
We in the ghetto dancing with the devil
And they showed me how to move
By 5th grade they was banging on their teachers
By 6th grade they was blazing up the reefer
By high school they was slanging crack rocks
Picking me up in their low riders, Curtis Mayfield in the speakers
I’m talking Locs and them croaker sacks
Candy painted rags, niggas rocking golf hats
The ones who put Cali on the map
Duct tape wrapped around the handle of the strap
This is for the originals

Would’ve never knew, if it wasn’t for the ones who paved the road
With their rhymes, beats and the flows
The ones who came before, and opened up the door
OGs (this is for the originals) [x5]

[Verse 2]
What you know about them brownie gloves
Down bitch giving you visits, showing you county love
Ever since he had a cape cutter comb hanging out his afro
Lil nigga, they know how down he was
Some had they perm whipped on that big worm tip
Others lost they fucking minds stuck on that sherm dip
This is Cali, don’t slip, keep a firm grip
If it wasn’t for some old bloods and crips, I wouldn’t’ve learned shit
Taught me how to survive in a city
Where niggas get clapped at like they’re performing up in an auditorium
Some real Sun Tzu niggas with a lot of art of war in them
Had gang for days and of course I’m not ignoring them
Always gave me a heater when I needed one
One even told me follow your dreams and one day you might not need a gun
I salute you with every rap I spit out
I was trapped in the ghetto, you gave me the path to get out
This is for the originals


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