AZLYRICS: Crooked I – You Know My Steez Lyrics

“You Know My Steez”

You wack niggas got me feeling hyper
Your flow still in diapers, mine killing cyphers
I’m a villain like a triple lifer
I’m as real as a triple striker
Sitting in Rykers for pitching
This nigga’s nicer than a good mood
I’ll put my gun where he puts food
Let him taste the weapon a second before I cook dude
Rapping ass nigga, you from the hood? Cool
I’ll slap you with your publishing dude, that’s a Suge move
I’ll bleed the block, it’s hard for me to donate blood
The needle draw the pure plasma of a thug
Put it in a patient who need it he might bug
That psycho type-O, he might have you pushing drugs
Not the white but them sticky green buds
Wearing Dickies ready to give these niggas 53 slugs
You can’t reach where I’m raising a bar
That’s like every law student acing the bar
That’s like your size 10 Chuck Taylors racing my car
That’s like the whole Muslim nation not praising Allah
I’m on my Long Beach shit, Eastside is all around
When I jump out the spur bitches wipe a boss down
I hold my city down like Tha Dogg Pound
Did ’96 but naw this is 0-7
Crooked’s no reverend, but the way I hold weapons
I could get your soul a float to heaven, no question

Couple words of wisdom to nigga chart climbing
Buying some nice ice pieces from hard grinding
Your color-treated canaries are shining
But do you know they use radiation every time they dye diamonds
That’s why I only fuck with fancy yellows
Bitches see the bling, give me the panties, hello
God damn, my whole family’s ghetto
You pop shit, my granny’ll hand me the handy metal
I got an issue with a hater in the limelight
I’mma tell you all who it is when the time’s right
I’mma give him two months to get his mind right
If he don’t I’ll put him in the past like hindsight
Niggas see the mac-10, become afraid
Like Lakers fans when Kobe asked for that trade
Fuck your favorite rapper, I’m the last of a dying breed
I kill ’em if David could make Goliath the giant bleed
I’ll leave your entire empire minor league
I don’t rap motherfucker, I firebreathe
Why you think the whole west is in dire need
Of niggas like me and my livewire Gs

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