AZLYRICS: Fabolous – Cuffin Season (Remix) Lyrics

“Cuffin Season (Remix)”
(feat. 50 Cent)

Though we gotta say goodbye for the summer, baby, I promise you this
I’ll send you all my love everyday in a letter sealed with a kiss

These hoes keep calling, I ain’t picking up (yeah)
These hoes keep calling, I ain’t picking up (yeah)
Told these hoes I’ll be back around June (around June)
Told these hoes I’ll be back around June (WHAT?!)
Better yet I’ll change my numbers for the whole winter (who?)
Damn, it’s so cold in the fucking winter (whooo)
These hoes keep calling, I ain’t picking up (what)
Damn, I’m so cold in the fucking winter (yeah)

[Verse 1: Fabolous]
You gon’ be at La Marina all summer
So you gon’ hear this remix all summer
Nigga, fuck your women crush Wednesday
I just fucked your women crush Wednesday
Wasn’t even Wednesday, nigga, it was Benz day
He like ‘why you riding with him?’, she like ‘we just friends, babe’
Before anyone else please
You ain’t got no man, all your pics selfies
I be taking wealthies, balling in my pictures
You be fighting over hoes, Spalding on them bitches
Fronting money, could’ve gotten behind it for free
I got this pretty one in Cali, Thotiana Ali
I got a New York Dominican, plastic cup body
Mami think she Holly, call her tatted up Dadi
Got a crew in Miami, I call them Thot Angels
Even if he wife you he cannot change you, biatch


[Verse 2: 50 Cent]
I move right, stepping with the German on me
So much beef I gotta party with the burner on me
My chain chunky, my wrists all chunky, my pockets all chunky
Chunk ya bitch want me hannn
Quit cuffin’, you love her, she want the limelight
She ’bout to get ya in some shit, boy, get ya mind right
Sparkle after sparkle when the bottles come
She got a nice set of tits, glad you bought her some
Starting the bartender, they be in Perfections
Turned up for lust, heard they fucked with Gus
In Sin City I’ll fuck with them, the hoes pretty
Substitute Fiddy, I’m filling in for Biggie
Now watch a model chick turn into a bottle chick
You hit the lotto, bitch, swimming around my grotto pit
Don’t call it Tyson crib, this is my estate
And that’s so money, bitch, I’m getting cake


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