AZLYRICS: Fabolous – Walking Trophy (Remix) Lyrics

“Walking Trophy (Remix)”

[Fabolous & Hoodcelebrityy:]
I ain’t playing with you!
Walking, walking (yeah)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Trophy, trophy (yeah)
You a walking trophy
Remix, remix

I see you got a tan from the islands, skin look golden
Spice it up on them niggas
I see you been heatin’ up the IG, ass look swollen
Ice you up on them niggas
I see you know how to hit them angles, pose you been holdin’
Price went up on them niggas
This time I let them see you a bad bitch, see you a rude girl
Nice for what to them niggas? (the remix)
You wear a trophy, B
You with the winning team
You never with a loser, unless it’s in his stream
You got a glow with you, you got an inner beam
You make the opps want you, even a friend’ll scheme
Them niggas wanna kiss the trophy too
But a real nigga wouldn’t of been overdue
They been tryna shoot they shot, they like O for 2
And I’m KD for 3, shootin’ over you (uh)

Gal yuh know seh yuh pretty from yuh born
Walk out, gal yuh nah try hard
Dem gyal dem nuh pretty inna real life
You pretty pon di gram
An yuh pretty inna real life

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