AZLYRICS: Megan Thee Stallion – Stalli (Freestyle) Lyrics

“Stalli (Freestyle)”

You know your bitch is not fuckin’ with Megan
Your nigga not even fuckin’ you naked
He put the tip in and then you start complainin’
If I get on it I own it and take it
If it ain’t good then I ain’t finna fake it
You fuck like a rabbit grow up n stop playin’
I need a nigga with stroke, hey, I wanna bust it on your face
He wanna see my shit squirt like he squeezed it
He finned out on this pussy he need it
He wanna keep it like lock it n key it
I tell him to bring me my money then beat it
Hit a nigga back to the streets, aye
Ask your man not me, aye
Only see him when its time to eat, aye
You ain’t seen ya nigga about three days
Ask ya friend bout me I’m the bomb, bae
Rap bitch all on the runway
Pink lemonade with the Bombay, make the booty up uh oh like Beyoncé
I could make the dick dance, rock it like a blast and you want another chance, but I know we won’t last
And your last bitch mad ‘cuz I’m coming up fast
I’m passin’ bitches up like they running out of gas
Your favorite rapper only use onomatopoeias
You don’t wanna hear it cuz you only wanna see her
Imma show you how a real rap bitch tee up
Get up in the booth and beat the motherfucking beat up
Pissin’ bitches off like a nigga left the seat up
Bitch big mad ‘cuz you can’t beat me up
I don’t wanna talk shit with ya or meet ya
Jealous ass trick tryna fuck up my features
I get my revenge when I drop all my pictures
I’m pretty like art bitch I look like a fixture
I’ll get my revenge when I fuck on your nigga
I take that shit back
I won’t fuck on your nigga
I’ll fuck on his face, right in your place
Run with with his money, I’m going to Chase
Movin’ these bitches right out of my way
Yo’ favorite baddie be stalking my page
Yo’ baby daddy be stalking my page
Yo’ baby momma so minimum wage
Keep that lil bitch from the fuck out my face before ‘fore I beat the bitch up with a fucking briefcase
Full of them bands, full of them m’s, bitch I’m on top of this bread like a ant
All of my hotties know Megan the shit
All of these rappers know Megan that bitch
Wonderin’ how I’m this hot with no deal
Bitches offended by my sex appeal
I’m not a snack, nigga I am a meal
I’m from the H nigga I am so trill

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