AZLYRICS: Megan Thee Stallion – Wild Thoughts (Freestyle) Lyrics

“Wild Thoughts (Freestyle)”

Yeah, uh
Wet dreams of me bustin’ out my jeans
He’s seen a couple pics, now he want me on the team
And I could give it to him like a fuckin’ movie scene
If he get down on his knees, I might let him play the league, uh
The creole mami, the H-Town hottie
Young Tina Snow, but you can call me the Stalli
Put a line through these bitches
I’m killin’, I keep a tally
Do my damn thing, then walk up on ’em like Sally
‘Cause none of these bitches is workin’ like Megan, nata
I’m rapping circles around these bitches like the muchata
And bitches hollerin’ ’bout they the realest
I’m like nuh-uh
I walk up on ’em, like bitch whassup
Now they no habla
‘Cause I’m fuckin’ hot, and these bitches ain’t
I keep my nose up like these bitches stank
I’m makin’ all the moves that these bitches can’t
And yo’ man is a trick, bitch, he is the bank
Panties edible for when he eat the cake
He waitin’ outside when I pull up late
I do it in my videos, just how he picture me
Bet your boyfriend thinkin’ I’m the bomb diggity
Listening to me freestyles, wishing he could get to me
Bitch, I am colder than a mothafuckin’ wildebeest
I put it on your mouth and make it drip down on your chest piece
Only way I do could make it this sexy

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