AZLYRICS: Michelle Williams – The Movement Lyrics

“The Movement”

[VERSE 1:]
I feel like
Talking causing a problem through the nation
I feel like
Teaching preaching the reasons why I praise Him
I feel like
Clearing what folks be hearing about my God
I feel like
Telling yelling the truth I’m out for the cause


I don’t know what yo undone heard
I don’t know what it is you serve
But I’m willing to do the work
And I’m ready to spread the word
I’m ready to take these streets
And I can’t wait for the defeat
So sound off (put your boots on)
Sound off (it’s the movement)

[VERSE 2:]
I feel like
Maching taking it far and making it big
I feel like
Nothing has power enough to stop us but Him
And I feel like
Taking my book and breaking chains and burdens
Cause if any cause I’m a part of
It’s gonna be telling the world, about the word


Marching, marching, marching
For God I will be marching marching
Speaking out and speaking proud
For God Will will be speaking loud
Lace em’ up and stomp ’em down
Pick your boots up off the ground
Grab your signs and hold them high
It’s the movement for the Almighty


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