AZLYRICS: Michelle Williams – The Way Of Love Lyrics

“The Way Of Love”

[VERSE 1:]
I was looking for love in all the wrong places
and never found a cure
I was hoping that it could be sent from Heaven
– a love so sweet and pure
In all of my years I’ve seen many faces that
dwindled by the way
In all of my fears it left me lonely with tears
here to stay

I learned the way of love
I learned to pray for love
If you see it in a lifetime
Learn to stay in love

[VERSE 2:]
I had fallen so deep in the depths of passion
my heart about to drown
Fulfilling my need to have a companion but no
one was around
In all of my guilt I feel redemption it wasn’t
all my fault
The home that I built was real inside me but
love was never caught


If you feel like you’ll never be one of them
Who discovers a love for eternity
Continue to be patient and keep you heart
Safe from those who might tear it all apart
And learn the way of love


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