AZLYRICS: Nicki Minaj – Freestyle Lyrics


I don’t want to sound mad, though
I don’t want to sound mad
I feel marvelous right now
Dirty Money

Tell that bitch with the crown to run it like Chris Brown
She run three rounds, I’mma need a hundred thou’
Like Chinatown, bitches better bow down (yes)
Oh, you ain’t know? Bet y’all bitches know now (woo)
Fuck I gotta done to let ’em know that I’m the one? (huh?)
The way I ride the drum, they salute me in the slum (what?)
In the six hun’, the color of bubblegum
I’m with my nigga Spits and my nigga Bun’Crum (what up?)
Yes, I’m the one, I’m the motherfuckin’ one (kyuh)
Hold more weight than the late Big Pun (oh)
Bitches talk slick but they ain’t saying none (no)
Mad ’cause I’m bad, two sticks in my bun (kyuh)
Yes sir, look what I’ve done (uh)
They r-run-run when I come (huh?)
Bum-stickity-bum, let me tell em’ where I’m from (woo)
Queens, little mama, Gabbana, some nice pumps (yeah)

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