AZLYRICS: Nicki Minaj – President Carter Speaks (Skit) Lyrics

“President Carter Speaks (Skit)”
(feat. Lil Wayne)

[Lil Wayne:]
Look here, listen man, listen man
Good morning, New York

My name is Weezy F Baby, I am the president, and um
Is this thing on? Testing
Um today I come to talk to you about, a very serious situation
It’s this bitch I know, and uh, and she, uh, ya know
She’s not your ordinary bitch, ya know?
You could smell the swagger off of the bitch, breh, you know what I mean?
You know, I personally don’t think, you know, um
Any you other bitches could fuck with her, you know what I mean?
And no, don’t take that shit to heart, uh, take it to your pussy
You know what I mean? ‘Cause she gon’ take it to your necks
And uh, who I’m talkin’ ’bout?
I’m talkin’ ’bout Nicki Minaj, nigga, yeah, the Mistress
Yo, they be like, “Why she call herself ‘The Mistress’?”
I be like, “I don’t know”
And they be like, “I don’t know, why she call herself ‘Nicki Lewinsky’?”
And I be like, “I don’t know,”
And they be like, “Why you call yourself ‘The President’?”
And, eh fuck y’all
Young Mulah, baby! Dirty Money

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