AZLYRICS: Rick Ross – Flashy Cars Movie Stars Lyrics

“Flashy Cars Movie Stars”

Yeah, welcome world, it’s the H
Hustling, trapstars, rapstars
Big money poppin, boy
Grinding, sun up, sun down
Put your life down for a nigga
Head first for this chubby
Flippin chickens
Hard body all the time
Fully loaded strap all the time
Money on the mind all the time
I tell me niggas, it’s double MG, YMCMB
And money is the motivation
Everyday we wake up
Before the motherfucking eyes closed
Eat while we sleep
Eat while we don’t even eat
You understand me, my nigga?
Rozay, stunna man
Richer than the riches
Bosser than the bosses
Modern tine, and we them niggas, yeah
We see past the future
Swag on the hunned, bitch game terrific
Size mat guarantee you to loose nigga
Its’ bigger than life boy
Mastermind to masterpiece
Hard life living, mansion top floor nigga
Paradise on earth boy
Million dollars and hunneds
A billion in the mind
Put your life on it
Take care of your team homie
Fulfill your dreams, homie
Nothing come between that
And keep your strap on you, H
It’s the realest shit in the streets, nigga
It’s that real H Town nigga shit, takin’ an eighth
Believe that, you feel me?
It’s the realest shit in the streets, nigga
This that real H town nigga shit, takin’ an eighth
Believe that, you feel me?
Niggas made 500 hundred dollars of a gram, nigga
Birdman, Ricky Ross – shit coming back straight

[Verse 1]
Times get hard, still gotta play your cards
Judge wanna judge me like he playing God
You know how them thugs be like you playing hard
Nigga 19 with 25 so he start
Cars in the yard
While you drive a yacht
It ain’t been a month and your hoes falling off
No collect calls, not to mention all your dogs
They pray you take a pleade
When you tryina stand tall
So much stress on your mama, daddy been gone
Put your hands on your daughter, look what daddy did wrong
In other games, when you live, you learn
In this game of life nigga, when you fail, you burn
I done took a loss, but I had to bounce back
The h is for the hustle, now can you pronounce that
Nigga, can you pronounce that
The h is for the hustle, now can you pronounce that

Flashy cars, movie stars, bounce back nigga, hustling hard
I stay fresh with the Gucci on
Ross fresh with the louie on
Duffle bag full, high in the hood
We all good, fully loaded like we know we would
Get money like I know I could
Old school new school with the cherry wood

[Verse 2]
See I’m killing ass whip, stay strapped all time
Keep a bad bitch with me riding all the time
Fly all the time, get it all the time
Right between my eyes, tat cross soldier signed
Like money in the world, no money like money in the world
Get money like money in the world
We the bindess with that ‘pearl, bitch
Straight back with that H town
My little nigga know the town, so we shut it down
On the grind, uptown with my crown
Anywhere I go nigga, I’ma lay it down
Sipping red champagnia,
Every hoe I know know money be swanging
Keep the 2L, then bang out
Get the money nigga, fly in and fly out


[Verse 1]
We the best in the bizz, pas that it is
He gave his best to his bitch, I invest in a bitch
Hand on the bible, won’t tell a lie
I be lying if I said that I won’t sell the pot
Success ain’t promised, tryina stay alive
Ross and Birdman, till the day we die
Lives on the line, no lives on the mike
Used to be white, north bound on the pike
Niggas red in my blood, just what I pump blood
12 o clock for the day, what I bump for
To the cuts getting money what we live for
Light it up nigga, this ym beat plug
I feel good about now, 150 on the chain right now
An extra clip ready to bang right now
Quarter mill on the Bentley right now, nigga


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