AZLYRICS: Royce Da 5’9 – I’m Nice Lyrics

“I’m Nice”

You can see Green Lantern is invading the airwaves
He’s invading the airwaves. Turn up the radio, turn up your radio

I’m grindin’ till I’m tired
Cause you ain’t grindin’ until you die
That’s way I’m grindin’
That’s why
I’m losin’ my mind
I spit through the day to get through the night
God lord I’m the shit
You niggas know I’m lethal
I’m just wonderin’ why
You wanna think I’m nice
What the fuck you niggas try to do tonight?
Motherfucker I’m nice

[Verse 1]
I don’t need no ovation
MC with no patience
Diddy called me to write it when he needed rotation
Went to his location
Wrote it for no pay then
Gave him my CD, while the streets was pulsatin’
I guess my luck passed
Yup, cause Puff passed
Puff passed on me like the weed rotatin’
No hatin’
He must be eatin’ way too much cheese cake
If he think he can see an MC from his team take me
That ain’t a diss though
It’s just so frustratin’
Makes you wanna go and shoot up stations
Smack a DJ
I don’t like for nothin’ basically
If I should die tonight I done been to enough places
Play some motherfuckin’ Nas you bitch
Quit ridin’ dick
Worryin’ about Plies and Trick
He’s just nice
Jesus Christ
But this is God you get
My new name should be Allah Who Spit
My vibe is sick
My CD in your car, bitch you ridin’ with
More hot shit in it then Roberts Get
I’m prob-ally in L.A.
Gettin’ into some head like a Dodger’s fit
We oppo-site
Let’s be Frank like Sinatra
I’m the illest nigga out this bitch
I’ll empty every bullet out this clip
Don’t doubt this
I’m on fire nigga
Who gonna douse this?


[Verse 2]
We are not the same but I’m not a martian
I’m an arson
I ride around drama startin’
I bet you niggas won’t be wolfin’ when that llama barkin’
Cause you can get the picture with some milk behind the carton
What’s beef?
I play it one way
Violate on Sunday get annihilated Monday (I’m nice)
You niggas is actors
What are you recordin’?
I leave you bleedin’, lyin’ on the cuttin’ room floor then
Listen to Joe Budden say, “I fell the fuck off”
But he ain’t never fell on, I’m just gonna ignore him
Make a nigga extra famous after I warn him
Don’t jump
You as gay as
Greg Louganis into that water
You don’t want it
You can either have a nice afternoon
Or you can have your family do the mourning/morning
Nothing can stop us
Fly when nothin’ can top us
Been hustling hip hop since I went and fucked with the Doctor
I know I sound high
But I will break you
Do you like a cup at the opera?
No thank you
Nigga I ain’t buyin’ them wolf tickets you sellin’
I’m an artist, here’s my pen
Bury it with Magellan
Nigga who is you tellin’?
I know when I’m nice
Life is a gamble
I roll like I loaded my dice
My flow is my life
My talents just go with my pipes
That phantom on them 20 20’s and so is my sight


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