AZLYRICS: Royce Da 5’9 – Lincoln (Skit) Lyrics

“Lincoln (Skit)”

[Intro – Royce:]
Ladies and gentleman, Lincoln


[Skit – Lincoln & Uber Driver:]
Damn, man where the hell is this Uber driver? Been out here for ten minutes, and I ain’t even blew no good yet. Car is heard pulling up Right here… aye, o- yeah, yeah, right here man, right here, right here. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Watch the shoes nigga. Watch the shoes. Shit. Enters the car, closing the door Aye uh, aye could you pass me that auxiliary cord please? Yeah, go ahead. Play whatever you like Yeah, yeah. Thanks man. Music begins to play I gotta get my mind right, you know what I’m sayin’? By the way man they call me Stinkin’ Lincoln man. Cause I’m always, you know, I just- I be blowin’ that good, you know. You mind if I blow that good in here? Nah man, go ahead. Aye, when you pull up to the club you can let me off right in the the front. Yes sir. Right in the front. I want all them hoes to see me [laughs] shit. Niggas try to call me Abraham like I’m freeing the slaves. I don’t slave ’em, I save ’em [laughs]. No, you can just call me Sav’emham Lincoln [laughs]. Man, I didn’t even bring no rubber, but I don’t need a rubber cause I’m raw baby. You know what I’m sayin’? If it ain’t raw, it ain’t right, and if it ain’t right, it ain’t Lincoln [laughs]. Look here, look here, let me give you this tip. Come around here and get this dough from me. Oh, okay. You dig? Wow. One dollar. Fuckin’ hate me life

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