Bhad Bhabie just dropped off the official trailer for her Snapchat series, Bringing Up Bhabie, that follows behind the scenes happening of her rise to fame as a 15-year-old rapper. “Y’all want to know what really goes on? I’m here to fucking tell you,” she says in the video. “I went from sleeping on the floor of a trailer to having a gold record in six months.”

Snapchat is going all out for the promotion of the 12-episode show since announcing that Bhad will be getting an augmented reality billboard right on Los Angeles’ Sunset Strip. The billboard isn’t just a visual though, when Snapchat users scan the barcode with their phones they will get to hear Bhad comment on pedestrians passing by (and just running her mouth on a number of things) bringing the advertisement to life.

Sources tell TMZ that there will be over 15 versions of her going off in the advertisement – check out the video below to see how it will all work out.

Bringing Up Bhabie premieres on February 4th on Snapchat’s Discovery page and this new announcement isn’t the only money move made by the 15-year-old. As previously reported Danielle has already bagged $500K the first day after she signed an endorsement deal with Copy-Cat Cosmetics.