Cardi B Flexes With Plaques On Plaques On Plaques

Cardi B’s winning streak continues to manifest itself.

Off the strength of one single album, Cardi B has already emerged as one of the game’s biggest superstars. The draw surrounding her name is truly something to behold, as evidenced by the fervor surrounding her relationship, and her music continues to rack up streams on a daily basis. So much so that every single song on Invasion Of Privacy, from “Get Up 10” to the SZA-assisted “I Do,” has gone platinum. Of course, the album itself has already gone double platinum, so it stands to reason that people are playing this one uninterrupted from front to back. Now, Atlantic Records has sent Cardi tangible evidence of her string of accomplishments, which she took to IG Live to showcase.


The video reveals what can only be described as plaques on plaques on plaques, which Cardi flexes accordingly. Unfortunately, she’s not entirely pleased with the incomplete nature of the collection, playfully channeling an evil diva’s energy to admonish her label. “I just got back to NY, and I wanted this to be a very merry Christmas, but no,” she says,” cause Atlantic Records fu*ked it up for me. Now, I understand that ‘Money Bag’ just got certified, so I understand why I don’t got my plaque, but where’s ‘Thru Your Phone?'”

She also jokes that the plaques are in need of an update, as many of them have already surpassed their recorded numbers. “You guys wouldn’t do this to Ed Sheeran, huh Atlantic?” Peep the impressive collection below, and mad respect to Cardi for essentially taking over the game.


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