Having Cardi B on your team is a big deal these days. She is one of the biggest global superstars and right now, everything she touches turns to gold. As she looks to follow up on a stellar 2018 campaign, Cardi is hoping to start off the year with more Grammy Awards than she can carry. She’ll find out how many she’s won, if any, this Sunday but before then, Bardi is back in business with Pepsi.

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

The company’s recent “More Than OK” campaign was a big hit during the Super Bowl and naturally, Pepsi is following up with even more content. After her cameo in the original “More Than OK” video, Cardi B is back and she’s the star this time. As a server asks a customer if they’re okay with getting Pepsi instead of Coke, Bardi chimes in with her signature “Okurrr.” “Did you just ask if Pepsi okurrr?” asks the rapper. The entire diner starts to mimic her trademark sound effect but nobody can get it quite right. One man helps everybody out before they get the hang of it, yelling out “okurrr” in unison.

In case you’ve ever wanted to hear a group of individuals pretending to be Cardi B, here you go.