If you don’t know the release date for DJ Khaled’s upcoming album Father Of Asahd, then we’re confused. The mega-producer has been teasing his album for what seems like months and ever since he announced the release date, he’s been dropping all kinds of hints and teasers getting fans ready. The latest of the latter sees Khaled dressed in a matching tropical tracksuit posing (kind of) for a top secret project.

In the Instagram photo video below, you can see Khaled direct the photographer to just keep “shootin’ and shit” even if he’s not in a camera ready position. The “Wild Thoughts” producer then demands to get photos of his outfit taken, clearly feeling his kit. As usual, he continues to boast his album that arrives on May 17th claiming that it will blow everyone and their “dinosaur” ways out of the water.

“After my album come out, everybody gone have to change their rollout,” he says in the clip. “All that dinosaur stuff, traditional stuff.”

“When Asahd’s with me, it don’t matter what’s going on – because I want to make sure he’s alright. It’s not about me no more,” Khaled said of his two-year-old son, who serves as executive producer of his upcoming album. “That’s what I’m trying to tell you: I’m the father of Asahd. Nothing’s about me no more. It’s about going hard to take care of my family. It’s something I have to do: travel,” he says.“My son’s smile is the cure for everything. That’s it.”