It’s all fun and games until friendships are on the line. Millions watched as the Golden State Warriors lost to the Toronto Raptors in Game 1 of the NBA Finals. There were plenty of sports fans tuning in to see if the Warriors could hold down their title against Canada’s squad, yet many were watching Drake to see what courtside behavior he would exhibit. There was word that the Raptors were told to reign in the rapper during the Finals following objections from Bucks players and staff, but the team’s ambassador couldn’t help but show his enthusiasm from courtside.

Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

Throughout the game Drizzy heckled Warriors players, even engaging in brief conversations with both Steph Curry—who’s father’s Raptors jersey  Drake was wearing—and Klay Thompson. However, the confrontation that caught everyone’s attention happened immediately after Game 1 ended and the Warriors were leaving the court. Draymond Green had a few words for the Canadian rapper, culminating in Drake calling him “trash” as a smiling Curry walked Green away from the heated discussion according to PEOPLEComplex, and Bleacher Report.

Also during the game, Drake reached out and took something out of Curry’s hair. Later, Drake shared a photo on Instagram of his hand holding the random speck with a caption that reads, “Steph Curry hair lint for sale on my eBay right now!!! username: DraymondShouldntWear23.” During the post-game press conference, Draymond was asked about the “scuffle” between him and Drake. “You gotta question about basketball?” he asked. He said that he wouldn’t consider what happened to be a “scuffle” because there was no physical contact involved. We’ll see how Game 2 plays out on Sunday, June 2.