Lifetime’s Surviving R. Kelly has prompted a well-rounded conversation about sexual misconduct past the documentary’s main focus. Although the production revolved around those who either claim to have either been victimized by R. Kelly or to have witnessed him victimizing others, viewers are including other entertainers in their insights relating to rape culture. Kendrick Lamar, one of the current generation’s most “woke” artists, is being dragged once again for supporting R. Kelly’s music.

In efforts to sustain R. Kelly’s musical legacy, and perhaps set a precedent of separating artists horrific behaviors from their art and avoiding lasting repercussions on their careers, Kendrick Lamar’s reps urged Spotify to retain the R&B icon’s music on its platform. They did so while threatening to pull his catalog from under their banner. Since Surviving R. Kelly has reignited society’s concern with how alleged predators are perceived, the sympathizers of the accused are also being scrutinized.

Social media users are wondering Kendrick Lamar’s actions were met with a virtual shrug. BuzzFeed’s Saeed Jones tweeted: “I keep thinking about Kendrick Lamar actively campaigning (and succeeding) in getting R. Kelly and XXXTentacles put back on Spotify last year in response to the #MuteRKelly movement. There is complicit silence (shout out to Questlove) and then there is active endorsement.”