Lil Pump Forced To Cancel Show After Being Detained Overseas

Lil Pump has once again squared off with the long arm of the law.

During a recent trip to Europe, where he was set to perform in Finland, Lil Pump had one job. Perform a concert, as he promised he would do. Yet somehow, the task proved too difficult for the “Gucci Gang” rapper. Unfortunately for those who paid money to go see him scream over a backing track, Pump found himself forced to cancel his concert after being detained by Copenhagen police. TMZ originally broke the story, revealing that Pump’s cavalier attitude toward his own situation ultimately came back to bite him in the ass.

So the story goes, Pump and his crew found themselves in the back of a squad car for an unconfirmed reason; the report seems to indicate that one of his entourage was holding “something illegal.” After getting tossed in the Paddywagon, Pump decided to broadcast the situation on Instagram Live, flaunting an absolutely impressive data plan in the process. During the session, Pump allegedly gave the officers the finger behind the back. Yet in a true moment of “dry snitching,” it didn’t take long for the police to catch Pump’s slight, and punish him with further detention.

As a result, the concert has been canceled, even though Pump is likely to be released within the next twenty-four hours. There’s no telling whether this will have any effect on his already expanding rap sheet, which includes a recent stint in “jail.” In any case, one has to wonder if Pump will ever learn from his mistakes. If anything, he seems to grow even more emboldened by the day.




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