Last week, Mary J. Blige shared, “Know”, the powerful third single off her upcoming album, My Life II… There’s Something About Me, My Self & MaryJane (Act 2). On the Sounwave-produced track, she details the struggles she – and every other woman – has had to overcome to get to a place of comfort. But by the time the second verse comes around, MJB acknowledges that despite the hell she’s passed through, she’s always come out on top. Hopefully she brings that attitude to the latest bump in the road she will have to face.

The Internal Revenue Service claims that Blige owes a total of $1,198,161 in federal back taxes. According to the tax lien that was obtained by BOSSIP, she apparently failed to pay her income taxes from 2016 and 2017.

This news is only the latest in a series of financial and legal issues that the singer has experienced. After divorcing her former manager, Kendu Isaacs, at the beginning of 2018, Apex Bank sued them both and foreclosed two homes that they failed to make payments on. While they managed to get off the hook for the foreclosure case, in May, Golden Venus LLC won a $60,000 lawsuit against Blige and Isaacs for breach of contract and damages on a Beverly Hills mansion.

Hopefully Blige rakes in enough on her ongoing co-headlining tour with Nas to absorb these costs.

Mary J isn’t the only artist whose been embroiled in tax issues recently. Last Thursday, it was revealed that Young Thug was hit with a $145K tax lien.