Meek Mill rounded up a serious amount of clothing, shoes, toys, electronics and more at Philadelphia’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Recreation Center so 3,000 kids could get a special gift this holiday season. According to The Blast, Meek gave away “over 500 bicycles and helmets, over 400 sneakers and a bunch of other toys like Xbox, board games, superhero figures, and an array of other toys to kids from schools and organizations across the Philadelphia area.”One kid who received an X-Box, unfortunately, got robbed once leaving the recreation center but Meek made sure the little homie was reimbursed with another game console. “They robbed him for his X-box soon as he left when they could of came and got one for free…he good now tho,” Meek captioned a photo of the kid.

“I got the platform to help out my community so why not do it, it’s really an easy thing to do,” Meek told CBS. “I didn’t forget about where I came from,” said Mill. “I actually come around here a lot. I can’t hang on the corner no more or nothing but you know I know the people around here. I know these faces.”