The judge of Meek Mill’s case, Genece Brinkley, has been criticized by more than just the rapper. Her own attorney thinks that she’s been unfair towards the Dreams & Nightmares rapper. Charles Peruto Jr, Brinkley’s attorney, sat down for an interview that would be used in a documentary on Meek Mill produced by Roc Nation and Amazon. Following the interview, Peruto heavily criticized Brinkley for how she’s handled Meek’s case. He later sued Roc Nation and Amazon for violating the Wiretap Act, claiming his comments were made “off the record.” Unfortunately, a judge just handed him an L in that case.

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

After careful review, U.S. District Court Judge Gerald McHugh ruled in favor of Roc Nation and Amazon. “This case arises out of a ‘hot mic’ situation where an attorney made candid and embarrassing comments about his client without realizing that he was still being recorded,” Hugh wrote in the case file. “Having reviewed the record, I conclude that the material facts of this are undisputed, and that Plaintiff’s wiretap actions cannot survive as a matter of law. According, I grant summary judgment for Defendants.”

Peruto’s statements were leaked onto the internet which is what stemmed the suit in the first place. He sued Roc Nation and Amazon last summer, claiming they unlawfully recorded his comments which he claimed were off the record.