Migos have fallen so deep into cosplay, they’ve forgotten their place on the calendar by a couple of decades. Several minutes ago, Offset uploaded an impressive drawing of the group submitted by one of their dearest fans. As you’ll see below, Takeoff is styled wearing a custom Kangol, the likes of which LL Cool J made famous in the mid-80s.

Then you’ve got Quavo pointing his finger wearing the red version of Takeoff’s Kangol, albeit without the custom lettering. Quavo’s chain has the girth of a gold rope, without being one itself, whereas Offset to his left, our right, poses with the same hooped earring. Stunningly, the consensus on rappers who’ve been polled on the subject say they don’t like yellow and silver – but in this 80s photo rendering, the Migos don’t seem to mind breaking from convention.

Of course, this 80s-themed fan art wasn’t just born out of thin air. The Migos have shown a predilection towards “costume” well before they debuted their boogie-woogie look in the “Walk It Talk It” music video. – even the now-infamous interview in which Joe Budden stormed off unimpressed, the Migos were seen wearing puffy shirts reminiscent of Jerry Seinfeld in the episode bearing the same name.