[Music] Basilo – 16th October (Story)

In life, challenges do come to a man (male or female), buh how it ends matters. Challenges Of Life is a task for everybody, depending on the type you are facing with. Buh in all, Do not lose hope because it has an end point. This fast rising young artiste Basil Chukwu Onyekachi with the stage name Basilo a.k.a OnyeOru1 experienced one of the challenges of life. The fire disaster that occurred in Onitsha at Ochanja market on 16th October 2019 affected him much, and he decided to pour his heart out on that. In this track, he also encourages everyone in one bad condition or the other, to never lose hope. Don’t think your case is the worst one, cos another person’s situation may be uglier than yours, just thank God for your life

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