[Music+Lyrics] Blinks Baba – Ballers


BLINKS-BABA a young talented eastern prolific fast rising rapper/singer. He’s known for his regular hit tracks counting from his zanku rythym “BIGSIZE” featured by an eastern bighand “DJYOUNGEST046” to a viral love tune “FINEPASS” which he featured a young talented singer “S-PEE“. After he dropped ‘Bigman‘ a cover of CDQ’s Entertainer. He is set to drop his second track of the year, titled “BALLERS
A motivational piece.
Trust me!!.. this song won’t escape ringing tone on your device







B cocacola boi

Osogi burugodi ojukwu, onwero ife iga eme men na emebero anyi emego enu ani ebenine aka yosalu ka atiku

Anyi nwere obi we need obi to complete our course gbalu fame na the game welu wegaluya chukwu

Nyeya all the glory and the honour and we plead for the grace nnkwute agidigi amara chukwu

With faith unfailing anyi ebutedi the money…anyi ga aguriri na puku.

When me enter the place every other man them ah go down ooo

Me no dey play romance, me just in love with me dollars

A little boy from the ghetto rite now want to claim me birth rite oo

And me pray to Jah, Oluwa to give me guidance ooo
I pray I pray…..

All my guys are ballers oo …(camo, see) …all my guys gon be ballers ooo

Cuz dem ah working from sun up to sun down dem no dey tire ooo

We putting work all day baba we no go tire ooo,…until we make am.

All my guys are ballers ooo …All my guys gon be ballers oo

When we enter the town like arsenal we be gunners
We get them all down.

Heee) Corne (hee .. Osim peter light me the kpoli kam welu na anikwa…

Check am how many years kitaa,… ka nwoke gbagolu mbo na onwelo ife ogbataa

Gini? osia gini? welu nwayo bro before ichoo isigi. Heea.

Mmili..! gbata mmili..! get me water to calm to the fullest.

Ave done a lot of things for this money mehn and ama do more if e never wanna bata mehn.

If I hustle lil more ama drop the pen go rob a fucking bank bro enwegodim mehn.

Buh WTF BRO ifea bu wah we signed Oluwa ga afugodi anyi through with a good sign

Nwa have ndidi, nwee the patients iz just a lil more we gon be alright… haaa

When we enter the place every other man dem ah go down ooo

We no dey play romance we just in love with we dollars

Me ah likku bwoi from the ghetto rite now want to make me ….dollars ooo

All my guys are ballers ooo

Say me Blake Benz pon the south guy u be baller

Zidata power nwannem a gee bukwa baller

S to the pee ceebee a nigga bukwa baller oo

Vis banks pon the south guy a boss bukwa baller (aii

Most versatile deejay young nu a boss bukwa baller (aii

Pope, Fresh, Sanity. ma brothers dem be a baller
Me ah baller too!.


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