The year of Kanye West has been quite a ride. From his many Twitter rants to his public support and Oval Office meeting with Donald Trump, to his poopity scoop troll worthy track and his TMZ office takeovers, Ye has puzzled the brains of many and it seems as though he’s continuing his reign into the new year.Before we take on a new calendar year, though, BBC’s Ben Zand made a documentary on Kanye where he travelled to Ye’s hometown of Chicago and talked to the closet friends and family of the famed producer and rapper. Unfortunately, Kanye didn’t make time to join the documentary but GLC (Ye’s childhood best friend) and Tony Williams (Ye’s cousin) did their best to explain who Kanye was before the fame, how he grew up, who they think he is now and where they think he’s going.

“There’s always a conflict within himself, which makes him very […] misunderstood,” Tony said, as seen at the nine-minute mark below. “I think that’s the thing that makes him who he is, I don’t think you that echelon of success with the same mindset of the average person.”

Watch the full documentary below and let us know what you think in the comments.